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About this event:

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Join the Leading Edge in Trauma Resolution

As a helping professional, you care deeply about the people you serve. The SE Professional Training is a dynamic continuing education certificate program designed to support you in making a profound difference with those suffering from trauma or chronic stress. As SE interventions can be effectively implemented either verbally or hands-on, the SE training benefits a variety of professionals, including mental and medical health professionals, addictions counselors, first responders, bodyworkers, and others. (See our admission requirements.)

How SE May Benefit Your Practice

Join the leading edge in trauma resolution. SE is becoming recognized as a premier method for resolving trauma symptoms. Our graduates are increasingly sought out for referrals based on their SE training.

Learn practical and effective skills that help resolve trauma without re-traumatization. These gentle, powerful interventions will inspire and empower your clients, restore resilience, and provide them with a greater capacity to enjoy life.
Have an extraordinary life experience. Many students find the SE training professionally and personally transformative. Join our joyful and compassionate healing community, and experience meaningful growth for yourself and those you serve.

Reduce compassion fatigue. The SE training helps increase your own resilience as a provider so that you have more energy and stamina for your work and experience greater pleasure and satisfaction in serving.

Our Training Program

The SE Professional Training provides a rich theoretical framework for understanding and addressing trauma physiology. Our educational model is highly experiential, offering you tangible skills that can be immediately integrated into your professional practice. The training is delivered through a combination of lectures, live demonstrations, guided practice sessions with fellow students, audio-visual case studies, and suggested readings. Because competent practice of SE requires direct clinical experience, as well as a refined somatic awareness and capacity for self-regulation, becoming an SE Practitioner (SEP) also entails receiving personal SE sessions to deepen your experiential knowledge of SE, and case consultations.