Welcome to Palm Key

Palm Key is a Lowcountry Community facilitating wellness through nature, the arts, kindness and education while keeping a genuine focus on implementing sustainable methods of development.

The Mystical Park

Owned and maintained for your pleasure by the Palm Key Inn Owners Association

Some Features at the Mystical Park are:

The Wishing Wreath

This is an old Turkish tradition that we have gleefully adopted. The tradition was introduced to the Park by Martha Gregory and adopted by our guests throughout the years. When you visit this wreath, say or think a wish or prayer or meditate. Take one of the loose pieces of fabric and tie it on the grape vine wreath anywhere you choose. The thought will be taken up by the wind into the elements. When the wreaths are filled with wishes the wreaths are retired to the marsh edge for the keeping of the intent of the wishes for posterity. Please add your wish to our Wishing Wreath.

The Blue Bottle Tree

Another of the superstitions from ancient folklore dates back to glassblowers in ninth-century Africa. Several tribes employed glass objects as talismans against evil spirits. They believed that glass bottles attracted spirits and could trap them inside (ever wonder why bottles moan in the wind?). This superstition evolved into a particular form of yard art known as the bottle tree.  Ceremonially we dedicated the first tree with the first blue bottle but now you will see that many of our guests have added their bottle in the Park or around the community.

The Labyrinth

Labyrinths have been used for thousands of years all over the world and are a geometric pattern used for walking, meditation, praying and dancing in ceremonies. The Labyrinth focuses on and directs the individual along an uninterrupted spiral creating a powerful tool for problem solving, healing, meditation, creative enhancement, or just simple refreshment. At Palm Key, the Labyrinth is a seven-circuit design. The rhythmic winding walk on a labyrinth path is a metaphor of our spiritual journey through life. It invites us to quiet our minds and open our hearts as we walk the path to wholeness. Our Labyrinth was built and gifted to us by Robert Frito Seven.

The Cross of Life

The Cross of Life was given to us by Dr. Gorman L.D. Burnett who has lived by the creed that he helped foster through the Dr. L.D. PanKey Institute. You will find the Cross of Life hanging in the Hollow of a tree facing south which houses all the broken and refused glass from the wind damaged blue bottles. It is a reminder to keep our lives “In Balance”.

About Us

Our award-winning Colony of Cottages is nestled on a private 350-acre island that hugs the beautiful Broad River as it reaches toward the sea. Majestic live oaks fill the woodlands. Private fresh-water lakes are filled with bass and bream. Hunting hawks, egrets, ibis, wood storks, and heron glide through the sky.

Situated about 17 miles from the ocean, we are blessed with miles of pristine salt-marsh, fantastic sunsets and a fascinating animal population. One of the greatest parts of living at Palm Key, is the sense of community and connectedness.  We are just an hour from Charleston, Savannah and Beaufort.