Welcome to Palm Key

If you need to getaway, this is the place. From the phenomenal sun rises to the sun sets you can easily get lost in rest and relaxation on a Palm Key Porch. Walking on the old trestle road to the fishing pier can be a mile or two of walking in the loveliest setting through the marshes of the Broad River. Great birding tool

The tilapia are growing and a main target of the local osprey and bald eagles. Em put them in the pond to eat the alga but we have found them to be a fascination of our guests. While catching bass and bream are the focus of the fishermen there may be a few catfish to be caught too.

The highest tide this week will be 8 feet. We have had an 11 foot tide recently which creates a very different vista out over the marshes of the Broad. It also makes the kayaking the outgoing tide a much faster trip. Dolphin have been spotted on most of our recent kayaking adventures.

The Centers at Palm Key are under final design. The development of the Planned Development District that was approved by the Jasper County Council over two years ago is under the final scrutiny of the Engineers and other professionals. We will share the progress with you on this page.

If you are having a retreat at Palm Key you might want to include a campfire and s’more even in the heat of the summer. With the sun setting over the pond it is a great opportunity to tell some stories and sing some songs. Many all-night campfires have been enjoyed.